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Take advantage of the cost- and time-saving benefits of our design-build services. As one of the few construction companies in the region with an in-house design firm. Ksquare interiors provides a unique opportunity to maximize your savings and simplify the construction process. Our architecture and construction teams work in adjoining offices, so communication is streamlined and the teams work in tandem to bring you value-engineered solutions throughout your project. We’ve collaborated on more than 100 projects together over the past years. Here’s a brief summary of how the process works:

Owner’s Role:

  1. Owner hires High Construction, who is responsible for both design and construction for the project.
  2. Owner manages just one contract.


  1. Early knowledge of total project cost, before design work is completed, at reduced initial investment
  2. Builder input during design, ongoing budgeting, and value-engineering
  3. Reduced change order potential
  4. Single entity responsible for design and construction
  5. Collaborative rather than adversarial relationship between architect and builder
  6. Approximately 85% of project is competitively bid
  7. Owner may participate in subcontractor selection
  8. Design-Builder’s fee established at beginning of project
  9. Selection of builder is subjective

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Design Build Benefits

Through direct collaboration between the designer, the architect and the builder, we bring creativity and technical expertise to our projects, to the same extent, while the detailed planning since the concept phase, ensure the economic efficiency of our projects. We offer quality and high standards both in design and in execution, as well as attention to detail and particular approach to each client, based on their aspirations and expectations.

We offer efficiency in terms of time and budget. Given the experience of the builder, the project's final phase will be safeguarded from any technical problems that may usually arise during execution. This will avoid a subsequent redesign, which could increase development time. Through careful planning from the beginning by setting all providers, constructive solutions and the finishing from the early project plannng phase, our team ensures compliance with the budget set by the client.