We have valuable sourcing process managers that can handle the needs of your business.

Business changer

Ksquareinteriors’s procurement services will change your business’s consumption of resources to ensure it continues to thrive. Survival isn’t about reducing costs of purchases; it is about when to buy specific resources and how much you need; effective consumption as an organisation will determine whether you succeed or fail in a competitive industry.

Procurement services can result in significant returns on investments. Experienced procurement sourcing and management will increase the efficiency and output of an organisation, resulting in a rise in productivity and strong, established strategic partnerships with key partners and suppliers within the relevant industry area. Whilst gaining these numerous advantages, effective procurement solutions also result in marked savings as well as adding value.

There are several reasons why your company will need to utilize a procurement service provider. It will save you a massive amount of money; since for most organization, it is very costly to set up and maintains a good procurement department. Using an expert procurement service provider will cost less and deliver better procurement services than internal procurement departments can offer.

Procurement Process

There is a long list of procurement methods that can be used by an expert procurement service provider; these methods are greatly influenced by the complexity of your need, availability of potential suppliers, the interest of the supplier, etc. all these factors boil down to a proper procurement process. A good procurement process, which is what we offer at Pointone will provide you with lots of remarkable benefits.

The first step in the procurement process recognizes the goods or services needed by the company; the products or services are the essential materials that the company needs for proper running of a business or eventual sale. This is also the stage in which the budget is prepared.

The second stage in the procurement process is the stage of vendors selection, what our experts do in this stage is to go out in search of potential vendors that can offer the best value and quality for the goods or services needed by your company. We will select a vendor that provides not just a competitive price but high-quality products.

The next thing in this process is to create a purchase order, these days; purchase orders are mainly done via electronic transfers and POS service. After this stage has been completed, an invoice followed by the order will come in. After the order has been confirmed, the payment will then be made to the vendor. The procurement process is straightforward if an expert handles it.